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Friends of Clear Creek Management Area

Core Values

Friends of Clear Creek Management Area is a grass roots organization started to preserve and promote Public access to our Public Lands in the Clear Creek Management Area.  We are a division of California Trail Users Coalition ( CTUC ) a not for profit 501c3 corporation.  Our organization is completely made up of a volunteer base that likes to use the Clear Creek Area and is dedicated to the preservation of our rights to use public lands to enjoy today, tomorrow, and into the unforeseeable future. 

The future of Clear Creek is in our hands.  Our core values at Friends of Clear Creek Management Area seek to promote unity between all users.  Thus preserving our rights to use and care for the area we so much love and enjoy.  The only way we can accomplish this is through the unity of all users.  Together we stand united and are committed in preserving access for all.

We firmly believe that working with governmental agencies is possible.  By promoting good Stewardship of the Land through Education and Conservation, we can promote a sustainable road and trail system for all users.  We also firmly believe that all governmental agencies should be transparent, and forthcoming in their dealings with the public.  The public is their customer and they should represent the public’s best interests first and foremost.

Friends of Clear Creek Management Area and its members know that continued recreation and enjoyment of the area is an inherent right that we will, and must be able to pass on from one generation to the next.  We stand united and powerful knowing that together we can promote good Stewardship of our Public Lands through Education and Conservation for the enjoyment of all.

Mission Statement

Friends of Clear Creek Management Area sole mission is to unite the many people who enjoy the diverse recreational activities available in the Clear Creek Management Area, promoting responsible recreation and use of public lands, thru conservation and education, and ensuring public access to our public lands in the present and for future generations.

Mike Wubbels
Executive Director

Friends of Clear Creek Management Area