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Wild Fire Facts


If you care about our Forests you should read Saving the Forest Book

Be sure to show it to your kids & their friends.
This very informative booklet by Dr. Bonnicksen Forestry PHD on current unhealthy conditions of our forests shows how restoration forestry could make them healthy again. This would include reducing wildfires & the massive amounts of global warming gases they release, while creating jobs, producing a product & reducing the millions spent each year fighting wildfires.
You can order hard copies by calling Cheryl Rubin at the forest foundation 1-866-241-TREE. Get several to share with members of your club, give them to your local legislators.

The following statement from Cal Poly will hopefully remove any doubts regarding the need for active Forest management to save our forests from death by non-management.

While state regulations are intended to protect California’s forestlands, an unintended consequence of overbearing regulatory expenses will be an eventual degradation of forest health in many of California’s forestlands. The absence of active forest management caused by overbearing regulatory expenses, coupled with a continued absence of fire on the landscape, will and has led to overstocked, unhealthy stands in many forest types in California. These unhealthy stands then facilitate insect and disease epidemics while also contributing to a higher risk of catastrophic wildfire.  PDF/Cal_Poly-Forest Practices-2003.pdf

The Cal Poly paper also finds California Forests to have the most stringent  regulations in the world.

One wonders why anyone would want to prohibit renewable resource harvesting using the strictest regulations & best practices in the world. The alternative is to get timber from other areas, where there are often no regulations & poor logging practices.

Below are a number of very informative articles on Wildfire & Forest Management


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